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Why choose us?

The costs of medical services in your country are too high? No problem! Life Dental Spa offers you the best services on the romanian market, at affordable and reasonable prices, with our ultimate laser technology.

Through our Dental Care Touristic Program program you can save up to 65% compared to other clinic's treatments in your country, with high quality guaranteed dentistry services. The most important part is to reduce time spent on medical procedures, in order to enjoy your holiday in our beautiful country.

Our services include painless laser treatment for cavities, laser treatment for gum disease and periodontitis, laser based whitening procedures (one of the best on the market), scaling treatment based on ultrasounds and dental implants, and many other services (ask for our brochure).

We have a professional team of specialized doctors ready to assist and solve your problems in the shortest time possible.

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How Can We Help You?

Laser Assisted Dental Implants

Is one of the latests technologies where we use laser to assist dental implants. The laser is used for pain therapy and for disinfection of the area where the implant is going to be inserted.

Laser Cavity Treatment

In contrast to the dental drill that puts pressure and overheats the dental nerve (that moment the patient feels pain!), the laser has a completely different way of working: it evaporates the infected tissue, which cleanses gently, without stressing the dental nerve and without harming the healthy tissue. Without dental drill, without pain, without needles!

Holistic Laser Treatment of Periodontitis and Gum Disease

Studies says that 9 out of 10 people are suffering from gum disease. Our work protocol is NON-SURGICAL, which can give you the chance to keep your natural teeth without using dental implants or prostheses! The protocol includes laser therapy and ozonotherapy.

Laser Whitening

The only whitening method scientifically proven not being invasive and protecting your teeth. It takes only 30 minutes and the outcome is magnificent!

Zirconia and Ceramic Crowns

We reccomend the dental crowns that are biocompatible and similar to natural teeth. Being biocompatible means that your body won’t reject the dental crown. There is no need to worry about any adverse/ allergic reactions, also.

Why Clients Choose Us?
  • We're using dental-lasers
    #nodentalmilling, #noneedles, #nopain
  • We treat the cause of dental problems
    not just the effect
  • We're #lifedentists
  • We have a holistic approach to the human body
  • We have a relaxing environment
  • We have professional dentists
  • We are using the latest medical tools
  • We are the first Dental Clinic in Romania
    where you can choose to use NON-toxic composites

What do patients say about us?


"I have great confidence in Life Dental Spa! I have had an acute gingivitis at a very advanced stage, I accepted the recommendation of laser treatment, gingival surgery. It was the best method, it had been stopped bleeding and the gum was completely healled. Many thanks to Dr. Cristina Obreja!”

Elena Maxim

"Thank you, Life Dental Spa team! I met here people with wonderful souls, true professionals who trusted me and convinced me of the quality of the medical services that Life Dental Spa offers. I’ve found a solution to my heavy disease - Periodontitis. Thank you, Mrs. Cristina Obreja!"

Adriana State

"Clear answers to all my questions and profound treatments for all the issues. Top technology and a staff at the same level as technology. Since 2017 I always come back for solving my dental problems.”

Cosmin Mihaita

Dental Care Tourism Without Pain!

Only at Life Dental Spa

You will receive superior quality services! Save up to 65% of your revenue at your registration by following our steps below:

  • Send us a panoramic radiography at cristina@lifedentalspa.ro and complete our registration form here.
  • After the registration, you will qualify for our preferential rates on accommodation in the city center
  • Free transportation from the airport
  • Free recommendations via email or Whatsapp after the treatment even if you’ll return in your country
  • Free health and care recommendations to keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright.

Life Dental Spa Team

Dr. Cristina Obreja

Dentist, Dental Laser Specialist, Life Dental Spa Founder

Dr. Felicia Paduraru

Dentist, oral implantologist

Ioana Dobre

Dental Hygienist

Ramona Stoiciu

Front desk Officer

Dr. Alina Ursu

Pedodont doctor
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